Contemporary Books So Sweet They’ll Give You Cavities

In an effort to explore my newfound and ever-budding love for contemporaries, I thought that I'd use this post to spend some time talking about contemporary books. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I overlooked this genre for so long. I've never been much of a romantic, and as far... Continue Reading →

The Unofficial Guide To Loving A Bookworm

Being in a relationship with a bookworm can be challenging by all means. Bookworms are multi-layered people, with technicolor souls and endless cravings for adventure ( usually more of the on-the-page kind than the extreme heart-in-your-throat kind ). Relationships with us usually mean competing against our TBR for attention, or trying to meet the ideals... Continue Reading →

Book Series I’m Shelving For Now

So, I've been looking through my goodreads shelves recently, and hadn't realised I had quite so many unfinished series! It's crazy how easily you forget about them, right? I guess even the most book-loving of book lovers can get sidetracked from their reading sometimes. Anyway, after seeing just how many series I'd never finished, I... Continue Reading →

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