Which Witch? YA’s Most Magical

Hey guys, and welcome to the first ( and only ) episode blog post of Which Witch? Today, I will be discussing all of my favourite YA witches with you, as well as all the witchy tropes I love to read about! Because in my opinion, these magical gals aren’t just for Halloween, and witch season is every season! So, in no particular order, my favourite witches! ( There aren’t many, because I can’t seem to find a lot of books with witches in them these days! Talk about un-magical! )

Witches I Love

witches P1.jpg

  • Manon & The Thirteen, Throne Of Glass series
  • Anadil, Hester and Dot, The School For Good And Evil
  • Ginny, Hermione, McGonagall and Luna, the Harry Potter Series


witches P2.jpg

  • Avery Roe, Salt & Storm
  • Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, W.I.T.C.H. ( Okay so these girls aren’t technically witches as such, because they’re actually Guardians of the Veil, but I mean come on, their name is literally witch ) 
  • Sabrina, the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina comics


Witchy Tropes I Love

  • The ( not so secret ) Academy of Witchcraft ( even if attending meant double the amount of assignments and homework, I would still definitely be in! )
  • Animal Familiars
  • Girl Power & Badass Covens 
  • Half Witch, Half Mortal storylines 
  • Witchy Fashion ( I just love the dark and edgy get ups )
  • Cool And Varied Witchcraft ( I’m super sick of witchcraft that’s just an evil Christianity knockoff that uses upside down crosses and worships the devil. Because that’s really not what witchcraft is! )

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Do you love witches? ( Who am I kidding, of course you do! ) Which YA witches are your absolutely favourites? 

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